Best YouTube channel ideas for beginners in 2020 by Satyansh Chand

Best YouTube channel ideas for beginners in 2020

YouTube is the platform on the internet which is used by everyone from child to old age citizen because it has content for everyone and every category.

YouTube is world's 2nd largest search engine after google and YouTube has billions of contents and this contents are published by people by us and they earn lots of money by YouTube.

If now you are thinking that we can earn money online from YouTube then yes we can earn money from YouTube but it has some requirements and free for all.

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Now we will talk about Best YouTube channel ideas for beginners in 2020 which is famous and much profitable.

These all channel ideas are mostly searched by people on YouTube and these ideas are most profitable because it has high CPC rates.

Now lets talk about Best YouTube channel ideas for beginners in 2020 with brief explanation.

    Best YouTube channel ideas for beginners in 2020

    There are many channel ideas but I will share only those ideas which has very low competition but high volume and viewers and those all type of channels today I am going to share with you all.

    Best YouTube channel ideas for beginners in 2020 are.

    Best channel ideas for YouTube in Gaming

    There are many types of channel but the most growing category of videos on YouTube is from gaming category and has lots of  audience and carrier.

    Game Tips and Tricks 
    You can tell different tips and tricks or myths of the game which is famous at current time or the game which your audience likes to play.

    Play new games
    Many gamers on YouTube just plays only few games but do not try new games which is not played by anyone on YouTube but you should always try new games, review them and help more other games to also grow.

    Gaming news
    There are many few channels on YouTube which tells about Gaming news like about new game launch about new Xbox, PlayStation and different things related gaming but this category has lots of audience but very few are focusing on this and this is Best YouTube Channel Ideas for beginners in gaming 2020.

    Gameplay channel
    You can create a gameplay channel in which you will play different games and upload their gameplay videos on YouTube.

    Explain Game series
    You can play different games like GTA, Max Payne God of war and many more other games which you like and explain there game series to your audience.

    Game reviews
    This is also a good category to get started and in this you can analyze the game controls, graphics, stats, downloads and recommend your audience to play this game or not.

    Live stream of games
    You can do live streams of the games and play with your viewers, or talk with them on live with super chats.

    Best channel ideas for YouTube in Comedy 

    Most of you think making comedy videos like doing a skit full with comedy and then upload it on YouTube but this is not just the comedy and the comedy category includes lots of variety and types which you cannot think.

    If you create a new way to make people laugh then it will be a new type of comedy and toady I will give you top comedy types which have a lots of audience but less competition.

    Best YouTube channel ideas for beginners in Comedy are.

    Stand Up comedy
    This is the top grossing comedy type which is growing to fast and people really much like this type of comedy to watch and if you have a good sense of humor then you can be a stand up comedian and after in real life also you can get a chance to perform on stage also.

    Create dubbing videos
    In this time in 2020 people like to see small videos and this type of craze was started from TikTok and people now like to see small videos and you can also do it by creating dubbing videos on famous comedy voice but in your style of performing.

    These are two best grossing comedy type which people are liking much and has lots of audience but then also you can create skit videos, pranks and more which you like to do and this is also Best YouTube channel ideas for beginners in 2020.

    Best channel ideas for YouTube in Traveling 

    There are many types of thing which we can do in this Traveling category but most of the people just create vlogs and then upload it on their channel.

    Creating vlogs is not much profitable because people now themselves wants to know about price, best things to visit on different places but vloggers do not tell about this things.

    There are many channel ideas for you which you can do and then help other people's traveling and also gain SUBS, Likes and views from it.

    Best channel ideas for YouTube in Traveling are.

    Tell about best hotel deals and place to visit
    In this channel category of travelling you can tell best hotel deals on any tourist place and tell your audience and also what places are are best to visit in that city and like this you can create your audience in travelling category of YouTube.

    Create Food Vlogs
    This is also a good travelling category and in this you have to visit different food courts, hotels and stalls and you have to tell your audience about best dishes about that shop and show them that how they make this and create a tasty video and help your audience in travelling.

    Best Channel ideas for YouTube in Tech!

    Technology is increasing day by day but till now maximum You Tubers are creating just unboxing videos but you should not do that because day by day it is not profitable and if you wants to do unboxing then you should unbox crazy gadgets, robots and other things which you should like.

    Best channel ideas for YouTube in Tech are below.

    Solve people quires in Technology
    In this category of technology you have to solve people queries and create Q&A videos and help them related tech.

    Visit many Technology factories
    In this type of channels of technology you should visit manufacturing centers of  different smartphones, laptops, pc, pc accessories, gadgets etc.. factories and tell your audience that how they manufacture their products and this would be best channel ideas for YouTube in tech.


    The final thing is that YouTube is second largest search engine after Google and YouTube receives billions of views in hour and you can also be a part of that and make money online from it.

    These channel ideas for YouTube visits millions of views daily and have least competition and it is Best YouTube channel ideas for beginners in 2020.

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