How to Make Money Online from home in Stocks Market in India

The best way to earn big from low money is stock market because in this you do not know that how much profit will the company will make after you purchase its share.

The worlds biggest way to earn most profit without a business is share market because in this you do not have to run the business but just purchase the share or ownership of the company but in this if the company will in loss then you have to face loss but if company is in profit then you will get the profit and this is how share market and stocks market work.

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Now lest know that how you can invest in stock market but for that you need patience and think as a investor and not a speculator.

To start investing in stock market you need very very low investment even starts in less than 1$ around 70 INR.

To invest in share market follow the things below so that you can earn money like Warren Buffet for a long time.

How to Make Money Online from home in Stocks Market in India

Patience - If you will not have patience then share market is not for you because the worlds biggest investor Warren Buffet says that if you want to earn money in share market then you need much patience of a life time.

Think as a Investor - This thing is for whom who wants to earn money from share market but for life time and not for short periods.

Do not work on tips - Most of the people fails in share market because they want tips and the investor do not works on tips and he/she works in share market on fundamentals of that company whose share they will buy and also they think as the owner of the company.

See and learn the fundamental of the company - As I told above the main investor in share market do not works on tips he/she works on fundamentals and like that you should also learn the fundamentals of the company like its future, its last performance and all many things.

After you fulfill this things then you are now ready to purchase the share of the company but before you invest first see the following details about the company given below.

Brand Build of company - See that the how people or customers are reviewing how the company builds its brand.

Products - Analysis all the products of that company and see that customers recommend it or not.

Market share - See that the how much share of the total market is taken by them in their field.

Old statistics of the company - This is important because in this you will know that how the company has performed at previous time.

Founder of the company - See the nature, work, impression in company and all things related to the CEO, Founder and the biggest share holder of the company.

How to make money online from stocks market

To make money online first know all the things and implement them before enter in share market because the above things will help you to take decision in this field.

Many ways to invest in share market are available but the main thing is that you should always think as a investor and not as a speculator to survive in share market.

There are many types in which you will invest in variant types then earn huge amount but before that focus on just few methods and you can invest more when you will have to focus on little.

Ways to Make Money from Stocks market

1- Buy in low and Sell in high
In share market when you buy any share in low price and sell it when it goes up at that time you earn lots of money and if you many shares then you will earn much amount so, always buy the share when its price is low and sell when its demand is high.

2- Resell the stocks personally
If someone is interested in the share which you have then you can sell it at your own price which you want and for that you have to reach people with e-mail and other medias.

3- Buy share in percent and be owner
This is best for you if you have high investment because if you purchase share in percent then you get high ownership in that company and now you are important to take decision in the company.


There are many more things to know about share market and stock market but before this all things first you should know that is you have to think a investor not as a speculator.

To make money online from stocks market in India first of all you need to read the book The intelligent Investor by By Benjamin Graham to win the share market and be a great investor with a long term profits.

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