Free Online Digital Marketing Courses with certificates by Google

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As you know that Google is one of the biggest corporates of the world and this company is based on technology, software development.

Google is very trusted and also provides many things for free and one of them is Free Online digital marketing course with certificates by Google.

If you do not know about the courses which Google provides for free to use and also provides certificates but paid

The Google digital marketing course in not in pdf and all the free digital marketing courses are in video format.

To enroll the course by google for free you need to know that where or at which platform we will get all the content.

The all content are freely available ate Google Garage which is a platform of google where you can learn many online courses.

But before you go to the site of google you need to know that which courses are available by them and it beginner or advance for that read the article till end.



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    Free Online Digital Marketing Course by Google

    Digital Marketing is going to take a big turn in just 2 years because in future the use television and newspapers will go down.

    And in this case everyone will be on smartphones or laptops and PC and this thing will attract more and more advertisers.

    If you know Digital Marketing then you can earn much then you think and even more in coming 2 to 3 years.

    Now lets talk about that What is Digital Marketing and its type and also what thing you will learn at free online digital marketing course by Google

    What is Digital Marketing

    Digital Marketing is also called Internet Marketing and its means marketing of any product or service on the internet.

    Like a person or salesman market any product but he/she is not able to reach worldwide but Internet Digital Marketer can reach billions of people at a time and can start from very low cost.

    In Digital Marketing the companies hire freelancers for Digital Marketing and say them to create video, images for their products and show the ads to the very targeted audience.

    The Digital Marketer ask 10$ to 20$ for per Marketing and if he do this work for 10 people or companies daily then he/she will earn more than 100$ to 20$ or more in a single day.

    This Digital Marketing will also help you a lot if you wants to sell your service or products online and you do not have to pay anyone for this thing.

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    Types of Digital Marketing

    There are many types of Marketing and even you can also find your way to reach more people at low cost or anything else.

    The all type of Digital Marketing are.

    SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

    If you do not know that what is SEO then it is Search Engine Optimization in which you rank your website, products or anything on the top for free and this is possible because of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

    SEO is very helpful and even you can learn this free on YouTube and it is also available in free Online courses by Google.

    SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

    Search Engine Marketing means that if someone search about product and the product which is relevant to him is on the top with Ads then it is SEM (Search Engine Marketing).

    It is also a famous way to sell products because in this customer get each and every details with images, reviews and all. 

    Content Marketing

    If you are not confident that my Ads on different platform will reach someone or not or people will take my product or not then Content Marketing is best for you.

    In this you can reach a famous blog, Influencers on social media and pay them to promote your products and this way is little expensive but worthy more then your expectations.

    Social Media Marketing (SMM)

    In this type of Marketing you market on different social media platforms with Ads or with influencers.

    Pay for Click Ads

    In this Ad type you pay to the publisher if someone click on your ad and enroll your products or services.

    This is the best way of Advertisements if you wants to start from low cost and the best thing is that Google Ads also works on this algorithm. 

    Affiliate Marketing

    It is also an affective way to sell products and services online and in this peoples, blogs, influencers sell your products and they took little commission of 4% to 10% on products.

    In this way many people get chance to earn money online and they promote their products for free.

    E-Mail Marketing

    This is not much but also a nice way to promote your products if based on subscription and a best way to promote your products for free but it needs time to collect and send e-mails.

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    Mostly Asked Questions

    What is Digital Marketing Used For

    Digital Marketing is used to promote your products and services online through different platforms like Google, Facebook etc.

    What is the future of Digital Marketing

    Digital Marketing scope will increase more than 100% in just 2 years because now everyone use internet actively and this attracts advertisers and its low cost to start the ad.

    Where is Digital Marketing is Used

    Digital Marketing is used in Blogs, Websites, Social Media, Search Engines, Apps and etc. These are the best places for Digital Marketing.

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    Free Online Digital Marketing course by Google for free is worthy because in this you will learn A TO Z about Digital Marketing and totally for free.

    The above all major types of Digital marketing is must and these are taught in free online digital marketing course by Google.

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