Data entry jobs online from home in India | Earn money online from data entry in India

As you all know that due to covid-19 all of the companies offices are shut down and now there all employees are doing work from home.

Earn money online from data entry

The companies do not earn much profit because they cannot see their employees that they are doing there work perfectly from home or not.

In this case companies now more than past year hire freelancers for their works and it is much cheaper than hiring a employ.

The companies hire freelancers mostly for Data entry and pay them much like around 2 to 8$ per hour for data entry.

You can also do data entry work from your home either for company or for the government.

The salary for data entry operator is not much as employ in a company as compare to freelancers because freelancers are independent and do not work for only one company.

Now the most of the data entry work are going from home, and many people like you are searching for data entry jobs online from home in India and also for data entry jobs online from home government.

So all of your queries like Data entry jobs skill, how to do data entry jobs and most important what is data entry? are explained totally down below.

    What is Data Entry

    A data entry operator enter or you can say update the data in a computer system into computer form with the help of scanner or manually with the keyboard.

    In data entry the data of the company of a particular product or anything are listed in computer form with software like MS Excel and then all data is send to the company.

    For example
    We have to create a roll no. vise data of students in a class with their annual marks and in this we use MS excel software to do and enter all result data in it to manage it perfectly to present in front of Principal and store it as a data.
    In simple language data entry is to enter data from complex form into a simple form to present it in a simple way and store it as a data.

    Data entry jobs skill 

    Data entry job skill do not need of any degree or high level education, and in this you must be 12th passed and little knowledge of technology.

    All data entry jobs skill which are needed are listed below:

    Knowledge of Software
    In data entry jobs skill first of all you need good software knowledge, means you must have experience of that software in which you will do data entry and this is also important because it will increase your speed to do work.

    Fast typing
    After knowledge of software the second important thing is typing speed because with fast typing you do many data entry projects and with low speed you cannot do so many works.

    Typing also affects many jobs and if you wants to do data entry job then you should have speed of 40 words/min minimum then only you will be a successful data entry operator.

    Data entry jobs online from home
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    Data entry jobs online from home

    There are many data entry jobs online from home but they are not permanent because in this you will work as a freelancer with many clients at a time.

    In this how much e you will give to your work that much you will earn from it, means many companies give freelancers 10$ to 20$ for per hour work and you can also earn this much or more than this money and earn money online as operator of data entry.

    Data entry jobs online from home websites are:

    These are the top websites for data entry jobs online where you can work for many people online as data entry operator and earn money online.

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