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What is animation

    Animation as carrier? How to do 2D animation 

    If you are a student and wants to make a carrier in 2D Animations and 3D animations and you watch many movies and cartoons 

    and you are inspired by them to choose it as a carrier but the main thing you do not know about best animation schools, animation salary and collages for animation 

    then for you each thing is explained in depth in the article to make you understand each and everything about Animation as carrier and 

    also other requirements like computer animation degree to make it as a professional skill and carrier in future.

    What is 2d animation and 3D animation

    Animation is used to describe our imagination and thoughts through animation and anything which we can think can be made with animation in computers.

    Basically animation are of two types 

    What is 2D animation 

    in 2d animation we can easily describe our thoughts but this will be in 2d mode and this is used to make children's cartoons, 

    2d games and much more but in 2d animation the quality do not comes which is in 3d animation.

    What is 3D animation

    3D animation is same like 2D animation but in 3D animation we can describe our thoughts in much deep process which we cannot express through 2D animation 

    and the quality of 3D animation much higher than 2D animation and there is a much more movies like Avengers and other movies which use 3D animation

    to do things which Which is in imagination and show it in real life through movies ,animation movie, games and all other things 

    and in this field of technology 3D animation or 2D animation most important because it reduces our cost to do that a things in real life as compare to make sets, with no risk and it is cheaper than to do that things in real life.

    best animation schools

    Best animation schools

    When you will learn animation from institutes then you will have knowledge, experience, certificate, know that how to work with groups and much more.

    best animation schools are:

    1- California institute of Arts

    2- Rhode Island school of Design

    3- School of visual arts, New York

    These are the best animation school for the study of Arts and animations and here they build up encouragement, skills and imagination of the student and that is why these comes in top animation schools.

    Universities and Collages for animation

    1- University of Southern California

    2- Rochester Institute of Technology

    3- Fall Sail University

    These are the top Universities or Collages for animation and here after completing your studies you will be certificated with world's most valuable degrees 

    from this universities and collages and that is why these are best collages for animation or you can say university for animation.

    Computer Animation degrees

    The most important thing in your mind before choosing carrier in animation and technology field will be that which study or which computer animation degrees we should have 

    or for which computer animation degrees we should study about in which we will learn that how to do animation, VFX, SFX, graphics design and much more then best computer animation degrees are listed below.

    All computer animation degrees are listed below.

    1- Bachelor of Fine Arts

    2- Master of Fine Arts

    3- Bachelor of Arts

    4- Minor

    5- Master of Arts

    6- Bachelor of design

    7- Master of Animation

    These are the all main degrees of Animation, Illustration, VFX, SFX and all animation types included with it even for movie, animated movies, games etc.

    In the study of these computer animation degrees you will learn everything about animation and these are the only main degrees for animations.

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    Best and easiest 3D animation and 2D animation software

    Everything is done but at last if we do not know about animation software then what's the need to know all thing if you do not know about animation software for 3d and 2d animation.

    If you are going to choose animation as carrier and wants to be success in the field of animation then you can try any of the animation software below 

    and know before studies that how animation works and understand the software.

    Easiest 3d animation software and 2d animation software are.

    1- Unity 

    2- Powtoon

    3- Maya 

    4- Cinema 4D

    5- Adobe animate

    6- Blender

    These are the top animation and easiest 3d animation software and 2d animation software mostly used by companies and individuals and best for you also.

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