Amazing Whatsapp tips and tricks | Whatsapp tricks 2020 : Whatsapp users should know

Whatsapp tips and tricks

There are many tips and tricks for Whatsapp and some of these in the post is added or you can say legally added by Whatsapp but many of us do not use this Whatsapp tips and tricks but this thing  most of you do not know but these are in front of you but you ignore or do not try to use and this can also happen that you do not know the use of this features.

so, to know the best most useful Whatsapp tips and tricks you have to read to get more about Whatsapp and be a smart Whatsapp user as compare to others.

    Write message in different style in Whatsapp

    this Whatsapp trick is best for them who are using Whatsapp regularly and they wants to use different fonts to write o different style to write message or chats and cannot do so because they do not know that how to do that or what are the settings for different style chats.

    For that you just have to follow some instruction below to know that how to Write message in different style in Whatsapp.

    1- Open your Whatsapp and click on the contact to whom you want to message.

    2- Before writing the message or what you wants to write just add "*" and also when you complete the line or when you wants to send then also add the same "*" at the last.

    For example - *hi*

    3- Then click on send button and you will see that your message will send in bold text.

    If you want to change the style of text or message you have written and you wants to change the text style of that message then follow the steps below to do that:

    1- Just write message as you write.

    2- Ten select all the text you have written.

    3- At last you will see 3dots icon when you will select all the text.

    4- click on 3dots icon and you will find many fonts and style and click on any one which you like.

    5- After you will click the text will change in different style and it will look professional and just click on send button to send it.

    6- Done.

    With this Whatsapp trick you can change the font of your Whatsapp messages in different style and it looks much professional in seeing and the person to whom you will send then he/she will also surprised that how can you change the fonts and style of your Whatsapp messages and this is also one of the best Whatsapp trick 2020.

    Send message from Whatsapp without saving number

    Yes your read correct you can message to anyone to whom you wants to message but you do not wants to save his number in your smartphone and you can do so and this Whatsapp trick 2020 or Whatsapp trick and very very few people knows but if you wants to know or wanted to do so,

    Then follow the steps below for Send message from Whatsapp without saving the number:

    1- For doing this tick first open any browser in your smartphone.

    2- enter this url : write your country code after '/' and then write the phone number to whom you wants to message after '/' .

    For ex- code/1234567890

    3- Then search or enter the you will go to Whatsapp site and click on message.

    4- After clicking on the message button you will be redirected to yours Whatsapp app and you can easily message him/her.

    With this Whatsapp trick in 2020 you can easily message anyone to whom you wants to without saving its phone number in your smartphone and easily message him/her and you can share this Whatsapp tricks with your friends.

    Whatsapp tips and tricks

    Auto reply Whatsapp messages

    This is an amazing Whatsapp trick which everyone wants to do but they can't because no one knows about this Whatsapp trick in 2020 but you can now enable or you can say you can easily use auto reply in Whatsapp.

    Note - This Whatsapp trick includes third party application, so please do this trick on your responsibility.

    With this Whatsapp trick you can easily reply messages from your Whatsapp and sometimes happen that your friend or family message you but you are busy in office then you are no able to reply them but do not worry from now you can do that and you can auto reply them anything like Hi, i am busy,i am in office or any thing which you want.

    For doing this amazing Whatsapp trick you have to follow the steps below to do this trick:

    1- Download "Whats auto reply app" in your smartphone.

    2- Open the app and enable all the options.

    Note - if you are using this app the only allow notification permission to this app because it will secure your smartphones data.

    3- When you will allow the notification then this app will read all the Whatsapp notification an reply them what you have selected to reply.

    4- Then you have to just select the numbers or groups to whom you wants to auto reply or you want to this for all numbers and groups it depends on you.

    5- Then just edit the message if you wants and write any message and that message will only go in reply automatically.

    With this app and this Whatsapp tick you can easily send auto reply messages to the people whom you want if you are busy or in office then it would be really helpful for you to do so.

    But use this app on your risk and data and it is recommended that only you should allow notification permission to this app.

    Read chats without getting online

    This Whatsapp trick is very useful and very easy steps but no one use but by this trick you can read your chats which someone has send and without getting blue-tick or you can say without getting him know that you have seen the message.

    To use this Whatsapp trick you just have to follow the steps below and after you can easily use this Whatsapp trick.

    1- To read the message without getting anyone know that you hev read the message, you just have to close Whatsapp.

    3- Then remove it from background also and turn on Flight mode.

    3- Open your Whatsapp and read the message.

    4- Then close Whatsapp again from background also.

    5- Now you have read the message and the person who has send the message he/she will not know that you have read the message.

    With this amazing Whatsapp trick you can easily read message and the person who has send the message he will not know that you have read the message.

    Whatsapp tips and tricks

    Pin your favorite contact or Group on the top

    If you want to know that how to add a particular Contact or Whatsapp group on the top every time and when you open your Whatsapp that Contact or Group should always be on the top and to know this amazing Whatsapp trick then you have to follow some steps:

    Follow these steps to use this Whatsapp trick in your Whatsapp and easily Pin your favorite contact or group on the top:

    1- Open your Whatsapp.

    2- choose the account to whom you wants to pin on the top or group to which you wants to pin on the top.

    3- Then click and hold on that contact or group and you will get an option on the top to pin it, simply click on it and that contact or group will be pinned on the top.

    With this Whatsapp trick you can easily pin your favorite or important contacts and groups on the top of the Whatsapp when you always open it and this trick is an important Whatsapp trick 2020 because by this you can pin your important contacts of office or office or school groups on the top.

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