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Upcoming JIO 4000Rs. Android Smartphone

so, friends according to JIO currently deals with many big brands like Google, Qualcomm and Facebook shows that JIO is planning for a budget smartphone to launch.

In in India and this smartphone will be in very budget because in India people wants budget phone to browse internet and also in India many people in this time they are using feature phone 

and they wants budget phone under 5000Rs but they are not any smartphone in market in this price range JIO recent deals with these brands shows that JIO will launch a budget smartphone.

    Features and specs of JIO Android phone

    JIO has not announced any features and specs about their upcoming budget smartphone but in budget category they cannot provide so many features like high storage or ram but they can do best we do not know and this also can happen that they give high specs.

    According to leaks and reports the smartphone will have 1 GB ram to 2 GB ram.

    4GB to 8GB storage in JIO budget android phone.

    HD display

    These are some leaks of the upcoming JIO Android smartphone and in this range they are providing best features according to me.

    The JIO can do amazing things according to technews or leaks in media and internet, JIO can give 1 year free unlimited internet or they can reduce price plans for this smartphone.

    Launch of JIO Android phone

    It is not confirmed but JIO can launch this smartphone in late 2020 in month of December or November in festive season because when JIO launched their first JIO feature phone and that was launched at the time of the Diwali and they were in much profit with that launch time and the features they bring in the market.


    The main thing is that JIO is going to do something big and when JIO enters in any market it do not make tough competition it removes the competition as we can see in feature phones, Data and all in which JIO has more than 50% market share.

    As, the phone will not have high specs in this price range but it can increase because we do not know any thing but the price by JIO is awesome for poor people who have not connected to internet yet and they can easily connect and browse the information world in seconds.

    It is confirmed that the smartphone will have Qualcomm processor and pre installed Facebook because they have invested in JIO and signed a deal with them.

    If JIO will enter in this field of smartphones then it can also happen that they can make a series of smartphone from budget smartphone to premium smartphones.

    And by seeing this Airtel is also planning to launch their Android smartphone in India but it is not revealed that they will launch budget phone or different price range phone.

    The main thing from JIO related their upcoming budget android smartphone is that they has ordered to manufacturer to be ready to create more than 200 million phones and by looking this it seems that JIO can occupy much market share in smartphone industry.

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