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How to make money from mobile apps

Everyone wants to know that How to make money from mobile apps and How to make money from mobile games or other devices apps and games or software and  most who are in schools and collage and doing coding or doing study or wants to do study of Software development.

They are so many questions of most of the students that How to make money creating apps for android, How to do free apps makes money without ads? And how Whatsapp does makes money, how does music apps make money and all other queries are explained very well and all you r answers are given here.


    How to make money from mobile apps

    There are many ways to know that How to make money from mobile apps but here you will get each topic explained. There are many ways as told to make money from mobile apps and mobile games but the things related online earning through apps are not limited and you can create your way to earn or make money from apps and games and it do not matters that on which device you provide your software.

    But there are many most common ways to make money from mobile apps or games and these ways are used by the all apps and this are the first ways or you can say first source of income from your mobile apps or games.

    All the ways through which you can make money from apps and games are listed below and these are the most famous ways and we can earn huge revenue from this.

    1- Advertisements – This is the first and through this way only and individual apps and games developers start earning because this is free and through Ads the starting company or new company start generating income and now you will think that how to add Advertisements in our apps and games so your answer is Admob, yes through Admob only you can monetize your app with Ads if you wants to publish it on Android and IOS devices and this the platform of Google so it is totally 110% trusted and even big companies like Redmi, Many other big games companies use this to monetize their apps and games and the best part of this Admob is that you get instant approval for your apps and games and best way to make money from mobile apps.


    2- Affiliate Marketing – Affiliate marketing is best way to monetize you apps or games because through this way you can earn how much you cannot imagine means that through affiliate marketing big companies like Facebook, Google, YouTube also earn and when you have huge downloads with nice active users on your apps or games then you can earn many revenue through that and also best way to generate high revenue to make money from apps.

    If you do not know that what is affiliate marketing then for your knowledge in Affiliate Marketing you earn from commission means you just have to promote different online or physical products or software and if someone from you user or visitor purchase it or download it from your site then you get commission on that product and different types of products have different commission rates and commission rate is also depend on which affiliate program you use like Amazon affiliate or another affiliate programs.


    For full details visit – How to earn money from Affiliate Marketing


    3- In app Purchases – if you have purchased something in the app then you already know that what is in app purchases, probably everyone knows that what is in app purchases, the things or games coins which we get when we purchase it and we can unlock many premium things from that in the game or app and this way is mostly used in games and other apps like eBooks apps or song apps and other many bug organizations also use this like Netflix, YouTube premium etc. through which you can take advantages of different premium things like Ads block and other subscription which makes your experience with that apps and games better and by this way you can also get or generate revenue to make money from apps and also to make money from games.

    4- Sponsorships – Through sponsorships around everyone earns which are based on online earning and this the way in which you get immediate results and revenue to make money from apps and games and sponsorships are in different types in games and apps like you can collaborate with them, you can create a character, map or anything for sponsors if you have game, you can create loading page for them and etc. in any way you can promote them which you like and which they prefer.

    Apps earn high revenue from sponsorships and its immediate revenue and if you promote them for longer then they will pay you monthly like advertisements and get paid high revenue immediate to make money from apps and games from sponsorships.

    Self-Merchandise – This is the best way to promote your apps or games with revenue, it means if you app or game becomes popular then people wants to purchase clothes and other accessories with you apps and games brandings but if they do not then you can sell them your merchandise through you r apps like T-shirt with your app or game branding and in this way you can earn revenue and promote your apps and games also.

    If you wants to sell your merchandise with clothes and other things then Vista prints is the best company for you and they will create merchandise on any product even electronic products also and that merchandise you can sell through your app or game to make money from apps and also to make money from game and also to promote your games and apps or your company.

    These are the most famous, profitable and trusted and most common ways to make money from apps and to make money from games but as it has been said that these are the not only ways to make money from apps because you can create your own ways like you can sell your any product online or service or anything which you want and which is related to your apps and games create your own way and know in your way that How to make money from apps or How to make money from games.

                                      How to make money creating apps for android

    How to make money creating apps for android

    It do not matters that for which platform you are making app or game because both Android and IOS platforms has same ways to earn from apps and to earn from games and just only devices changes and way to make the app and way to publish the app is just changed otherwise the ways to make money from apps and ways to make money from games are same in both of the platforms.

    How to make apps creating apps for android or IOS both are different while creating the app but if you are beginner then recommended is both if the platform but you can start with Android because it has more users then IOS devices and it is little cheap to publish on Play Store as compare to IOS but not much difference and if you publish you app or game on both devices then it will be much profitable for you.

    How to make money creating apps for Android or any other platform you can also earn from Clint projects like you can approach companies to create apps or games for them on any device they want and in this way also you can generate revenue if you do not wants to publish your game on Ply Store of Apple store to make money from app.

    How do free apps make money without ads?

    The free apps which do not have any kind of Ads are by the government of any of the country because the government provides it for the facility of the public and not to earn from it.

    The apps and games which earns from In-app purchases, Sponsorships and Affiliate Marketing then they do not place Ads in their Apps and games to make it more user friendly and loved by the user.

    The apps or games which do not focus on Ads are Call of Duty Mobile, FreeFire, Arogya setu app and etc. these games earn from other ways and they are not depend on the Ad revenue and the Arogya Setu app is an Indian government app so they not have Ads to make money from apps and to make money from games.

    How do music apps make money?

    How do music apps make money?

    Music apps makes money from the content creator who publishes the songs on those platforms like Shopify, Jio savan app and etc. these apps earn from content publisher and if you wants to download the song in your device then you have to take their premium subscription to download that song.

    Some of the songs and music are paid and to listen that song or download it in your device you have to pay for it.

    In this way do music apps make money and there are million and billions of songs so you can think that how much they earn from their apps.


    If you wants to become and apps and games developer then you have lots of scope in this field and then also if you do not believe then have a look on richest persons of the world they all earns from apps and websites so I think now you have believed that it is really a big think and it also has huge profit revenue and no limits of earning and you keeps grow day by day in this field but if you work individually then you can face different problems but you will be independent and start your own company in your field but if you are in any company then you will be secured but you cannot grow on a very  high level.

    It’s on you that how to make money from apps and how to make money from games is now depend on you that how you will monetize your app or game or find your own way also for monetization of your apps or games and keep growing and if you are going to work on it then best of luck.

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