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Blogging has become one of the biggest source to earn money online with lowest investment ever and you can also earn money online from blogging easily and know that How to start a blog and make money easily and be a successful blogger without experience but there are so many things in a blog to get traffic or you can say visitors to your articles to start huge earning and you can also know that How to create a blog for free and make money through that but it's not recommended because there are so many restrictions and take too much of time.

    How to start a blog and make money

    How to start a blog and make money

    To create a blog there are two options available on the internet:

    Blogger is a platform of google through which you can start a blog for free but with a subdomain which not .com domain but you get free web hosting (hosting means place on internet) and for domain you can use and domain company like Godaddy to get a domain at low price and add with your blog and change to any domain which you purchased and you can easily monetize it with Adsense and there will no high requirements to get monetize after domain. 

    Pros of Blogger

    In blogger you get Google security because it is product of Google.

    You get free Web Hosting and your blog or Website on Blogger can easily manage millions of traffic for free and your Blog or Website never crash.

    You get free SSL certificate (if you will not have SSL certificate then your blog or site will be rejected from Adsense approval) so if you want to earn from Ads then you must have SSL certificate.

    If you do not wants to buy Domain then you get a free subdomain ( Blogger when you create your blog but it has so many restrictions to monetize and earn through it.

    Cons of Blogger

    You cannot design your blog as you want and to design your blog as you wants for that you must know Html coding language.

    You need help of third party sites to create or add many things in your blog like you cannot create forms in blogger you need third party sites or Google drive to do that.

    You do not get plugins or advance things for Seo to rank your blog or any tool that helps you.

    You cannot add or change settings you can only change the setting which are already there.

    How to start a blog and make money

    2- WordPress

    The WordPress is company which allow us to create a blog but they are paid in terms of Hosting and Domain but WordPress website and blogs rank very faster as compare to Blogger blogs because in WordPress you can design your blog as you want which you thinks in your mind without coding and in WordPress you get many tools while writing article which make its Attractive, seo friendly and much more, you get an option of plugins through which you can install plugins and activate it as same like you download games and apps in your phone and there are different kinds of plugins like for Yoast Seo is a plugin through which you can make your article seo friendly, You get an Andro plugin through which you can convert your site into a mobile app and earn more and etc..

    Pros of WordPress

    As i said that WordPress has a store for plugins through which you can install and use different plugins to make your website or Blog Attractive, Seo friendly, Mobile friendly and much more you want.

    You can customize or edit your site as you want without any coding.

    You can easily rank your post and site.

    Cons of WordPress

    WordPress sites crash when you receive huge traffic at a time and when you have low web hosting not on high hosting like cloud hosting or VPS hosting.

    In Blogger you get security of Google but in WordPress you have to take your own security none other will help you.

    You must need to purchase Hosting and domain to use WordPress but in blogger you do not need hosting because its free.

    How to become a blogger

    If you know that how to customize website or blog, how to write well seo articles, different pages, Ads placements, if your blog ranks in top 5 pages, and know well about blogging like about back links, On page and Off page seo and much more thing.

    Most important thing is that you have start earning or you are earning from your Blog or site then it means and then only you will be called a blogger and know that How to start a blog and make money.


    How to start a blog and make money

    Ways to make money from blogging

    There are many ways to earn money through blogging and even there are not limited ways to earn through and even you can also find your ways or your methods to monetize with your blog or website.

    The ways i am going to tell are most common ways, trusted and very profitable ways to monetize your blog and they are:

    1- Google Adsense

    Google Adsense is product of Google through which you can monetize your blog or site very easily but there are some criteria to fulfill if you fulfill all the criteria then you will be easily approved by Adsense and monetize your site.

    2- Affiliate Marketing 

    This is the way through which you can earn up to how much you can and there is no limits in Affiliate Marketing to earn through it and in this you have to just create account on different affiliate sites like Amazon affiliate and Cuelinks etc.

    3- Sponsorship

    Through sponsorship you can earn not huge but ya around 200$ to 300$ easily from sponsorship get immediate profit in this you just have to visit or request different companies of your niche for sponsorship and even companies also approach you if your site or blog visits good traffic.

    These three are some most used and trusted ways to monetize your site for free and earn huge money through it and now i think that your doubt of Ways to make money from blogging has been cleared now.


    Till here i told you every thing about that how can you that How to start a blog and make money, Ways to make money from blogging and different things which many people has confusion and also there is lots of potential in blogging because it is from very old time till now and till end there will be lots of scope in blogging and you can earn through it with little investment.

    In the above section of Blogger and WordPress has been explained in detail and told you that from which you should start but recommended it WordPress but if you do not have high budget then Blogger is best for you to be successful in blogging.

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