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YouTube in 2020 has become the biggest source of entertainment after television in whole world and now all of the world is shifting from T.V to YouTube because it is free source of entertainment and we can earn money online in YouTube for free because YouTube is only the platform which provides free content publishing permission and allow us to make money from YouTube for free and also YouTube encourages creators to create more videos and publish more best contents.

How to earn money online in YouTube

Many people wants to know that How to earn money online in YouTube and with you cannot only make money and also you can promote your business, online/offline products, website, apps anything through YouTube for free if you have good active subscribers with lots of subscribers easily. Now lets know some important things that How to earn money online in YouTube.

    How to earn money online in YouTube 

    There are many ways to earn money online in YouTube but before start earning from YouTube you have to know YouTube monetization policies in which they have mentioned each and every thing about that How to monetize YouTube channel through which you can know that what are the criteria that you have to fulfill then you can easily monetize your YouTube channel easily and you fulfill your YouTube's monetization requirements then you can easily monetize your YouTube channel and earn money online in YouTube and you can not think that how much revenue you can generate from YouTube.

    All the major, trusted and most profitable ways to earn money online in YouTube are:

    YouTube Adsense

    Yes this is the first thing that YouTube will provide you when you will complete monetization requirements and through this you will easily add Ads in your videos and if your video length is more then 8 minutes then you can add multiple Ads in one video and if your video length is less then 8 minutes then only 2 ads will be there in starting of video and in the end of the video.

    Super chats

    Super chats is the way though which your audience donate you money or you can say they ask question or anything they want and they talk to your through your live streams and and they can donate from 40 INR to where they want to do.

    If you are a gamer then with live streams you can increase your income by your audience and in this way you can create a connection between you and your audience with revenue.

    Affiliate Marketing 

    This is the way of online earning with YouTube and also without YouTube because in Affiliate marketing you just have to promote different online products and if someone purchases it from your link then you get commission on that product. Commission rate is different in products and also id depends also depends on that which Affiliate program you use (for ex - Amazon affiliate, eBay partners etc.) these are the few examples of affiliate sites from which you can create products links and promote them and earn from commission

    For full details visit - How to earn money online from Affiliate Marketing

    Sometimes if you see that if any YouTube's creators says to purchase anything and they provide link in the description then they add affiliate links through which they will get affiliate commission on that product if someone purchase it from there and you can also do this to increase your revenue from YouTube.


    With this way you will get immediate income or money by promoting some products, app, games or anything which you have offered from the company or to any owner or company to which you have approached and they give you money for to promote their products through your YouTube videos and you will only get sponsorship when you have good views because companies or sponsor do not focus on subscribers and likes they only focus on one thing that how much views you get on your videos and they will pay you on that basis.

    These are the most popular ways to earn money from YouTube and these are the ways which are used by around all of the YouTube creators and they lakhs with this so, why you can’t and if you financial background is not good and you have some talent which is extraordinary then YouTube is your best platform to show your talent to billions of audience.

    How to earn money from YouTube without Adsense

    All the ways mentioned above are used to make money online in YouTube and if you have not monetized your YouTube channel and wants to know that How to make money from YouTube without Adsense then all the ways are mentoined below:


    Affiliate Marketing

    Super Chats


    And you can also sell your any product which is online or offline which people can use or purchase it online and in this way also you can earn money online in YouTube.

    How much money do you make per 1,000 views on YouTube

    It depends on your videos length, engagement and much more depends that How much money do you make per 1000 views on YouTube and if your everything is good in the videos which is mentioned bellow the you can understand that how much your earning is on per 1000 views.

    1- Video length

    2- User engagement

    3- Views

    4- Click on Ads

    these are the ways in which you predict that how much earning you are doing from per 1000 views or any number and some people make 1$ in just 100 views because of they make good quality videos with everything high which are mentioned above.

    How to monetize YouTube channel

    YouTube monetization policies are hard but not impossible and if you are individual creator and you cannot reach many people or you do not have so much to spend on Ads and sponsor then you have to base on SEO (search engine optimization) with this if you have created video on the topic that iPhone review and if someone search iPhone review then your video will show on top 5 results with SEO and with help of this you can increase views then automatically your subscribes will also increase.
    There are some requirements to monetize your YouTube channel and all YouTube monetization requirements are explained below:

    1000 Subscribers

    This is the first which you have to fulfill for your channel to monetize it and 1000 subscribers are not very hard to reach on YouTube if you do well SEO, high quality video and attractive thumbnail, which channel has more subscribers then that YouTube creator will be top means Pewdipie has more than 100 million subscribers so he is world’s biggest independent content creator on YouTube.

    So, for monetizing your YouTube channel you have to first complete  this 1000 subscribers YouTube monetization requirements.

    4000 hours watchtime

    This is the little hard requirement for YouTube monetization as compare to 1000 subscribers because in this you have to complete total 4000 hours watch time of your channel.

    Watch time means total time on your all of he video te user has spend. means if you have uploaded 10 videos of 10 minutes and average watch time on each video is 3 minutes an you have got total 100 views including all your videos then total watch time will be 3(minute watchtime)*100(views) = 300 minutes watch time and like this on have to complete 4000 hr watchtime on your YouTube channel in case to monetize it.

    These are the two main requirements to monetize your YouTube channel and start earning from it but there are some restrictions also which you can easily get from YouTube regularly bu then also some restriction of YouTube which you have to follow if you wants to monetize it and earn money online in YouTube.

    Never use or upload others videos and if you do this then you should have right on that video or you have to ask the owner of the video to use it.

    Never make any kind of bad and abusive video which hurts some ones policies or feelings.

    Be loyal with YouTube and your audience and also YouTube helps you to do so.

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