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The Freelance industry is one of the biggest growing online industry in the world and this business of freelance will be more than 30 billion$ up to 2022 and because of Covid-19 pandemic everyone has started online work.

You can say freelancer provides their skills, talents and sell it online and do work for projects and charge money for their work and that is why companies are approaching freelancers instead of giving Jobs because it is cheap then job.

Companies save money by giving projects to freelancers because if they will hire someone as a job then the company has to pay bills of electricity, internet, software and much more things like PC or a laptop.

But in freelancing the company give projects to freelancer and pay them and in this way freelance industry is growing and it is on the peak from 2020 because of Covid pandemic.

Make money online freelance writing

    Make money online freelance writing

    If you wants to write or you write articles for your blog but you do not get paid yet from your website then also or you want to start a blog for you but need money for web hosting and domain 

    then also you can write articles as a freelancer and earn money through this way and your experience of article writing while also increase.

    If you are student then do this as a par time and don't be depend on this because you should also focus on study not only on this and you can start the as a part-time 

    and after you can enlarge it on a business size and there's a lot of scope in this freelance field as compared to other field of offline.

    Now coming on main topic that how can you earn money online from freelancing by typing at home.

    There are many bloggers and company and they have to manage many websites and blogs and they hire a blog writer but it is very expensive to hire a person to do job of article writing 

    but it is very cheap in freelancer because the pay freelancer for per article and it is very low cost for company and bloggers.

    And this is also known as Ghost writing in freelance industry and you do not know any experience but need little knowledge about SEO to write articles which can rank on search engines.

    And in this way you can make money online freelance writing and create a courier in freelance industry.

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    Freelance jobs that make money

    If you do not know that which freelance jobs that make money then it is very simple, in freelance industry every job makes money like painting, app development and mostly online works.

    Think your self in which online work you can provide to clients and that frellance job will make money.

    If you cannot think then these are the some most famous, profitable and always in demand freelance jobs or you can say these works in which most people do and earn money online through it.

    Graphics design 
    App development
    Software Architecture
    Article Writing 
    Java Script
    Data Entry 
    Research Marketing
    3D Modeling
    Social Media Marketing
    3D Animation
    Banner design 

    and much more more then you can think.

    These are one of the most searched and company or individual hire freelancer for these works, in this all categories is not added all the famous, in this list the most high revenue, 

    and searched categories have been added through which you can also earn money online through freelancing.

    The all categories are freelance jobs that make money high revenue and most searched.

    how to become a freelancer online

    How to become a freelancer online

    First of all freelance job is online and in this you only provide that services which you can give your clients from anywhere in the world through internet or on call.

    If you want to become a freelancer and you know any digital thing like video editing, logo design or any service that you can provide online then you are a freelancer.

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    Freelancing websites

    There are many freelancing websites where you can create your account for free and accept client projects and earn money online from freelancing.

    Freelancing website where you can create free account are:

    simply hired

    These are some most trusted and popular websites where you can create an account as a freelancer and earn money online.

    How much freelancers earn 

    This thing has no limits, yes freelancer can make lakhs, crores and much more they want and some people also has started companies in which many freelancers works together at one place and earns million and million dollars which has no limits.

    If you will work hard and provide best service to your clients regular on time then they will impressed and next time again they will reach you and if you will not do hard work 

    and not give best quality then no one will recommend you so do honest and best quality work and try to reach more people and you can also earn lots of money online.

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