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Best mobile games

There are many Best mobile games for android which we were getting to play on PC and consoles but now in 2020 there are lots of PC type games or mobile versions of console and PC games on android we get but most of people do not know about these Best mobile games but by reading this till end you will get all Best mobile games for android which is best to play with excellent controls and graphics and if you wants to play these games or wants to know about these Best mobile games you can read till end to know in detail about that game before you install it.

    Best Mobile Games list

    The best mobile games list is based on most popular, best in graphics, controls and every thing and also user engaging Best mobile games are listed below to play:

    Garena Free Fire: 3volution

    Garena Free Fire is on of the best mobile games online and also in Best mobile games multiplayer because it s very engaging, addictive, high graphics and controls available on mobile and this game has most downloads in online multiplayer battle royal games in mobile as compare to other battle royal games.

    This games is developed by Garena and this game has achieved more thane 500M+ downloads and this is really a big milestone because it is very rare case that mobile game completes 500M+ downloads.

    Gameplay, Controls and Graphics

    This  games has best controls and sensitivity and lots of options in setting to customize it in your way as you wants play the game and the graphics according to mobile game is very high end and this game has 3 different maps and lots to different mods to play the game.

    The biggest unique thing in Garena Free Fire is that this game has lots of characters and each character has different abilities and this is the thing that gamers are attracted to this game and this thing makes it best mobile games

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    COD : Call of Duty Mobile

    This game is best mobile games and also best mobile games for android also because as you know that Call of Duty is an online multiplayer game and it is also a PC and Console games but the thing is that its mobile version is available on mobile for free then you can think that which experience you will get when you will play this game and of course it is an mobile version of PC and console games then its graphics, controls and all things will be amazing because it is developed by Actvision which develops console and PC games and this game it also Best mobile games multiplayer and Best mobile games online.

    Gameplay, Controls and Graphics

    This game is based on multiplayer battle royal type and this game is matched with solider type means it seems that you are solider and commando and you play as a military type dress and this make you feel that how real solders fought and the controls, gameplay and everything is best because its size is 1.5 GB then you can think by download size only that how will be the game.

    Clash of clans

    If you do not know then for your knowledge this the best mobile game all time because it was released very early and till now it is also in Best mobile games 2020 and the craze of this game in gamers is not down because of its amazing graphics, story, different characters and defense and much more you can do in this game and this the mine personal favorite best mobile games and if you are looking for strategy games the Clash of clans is best mobile game strategy for you.

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    Gameplay, Graphics and all

    Clash of clans is high end game  because of its graphics and main its story. In this game you have to create your kingdom and as you increase your kingdom, defense, attack and all things which are in real kingdoms the your levels increases and your tier also and as you increase and with you clan you fought wars and matches in which you attack to other villages and you also have to defense your village from opponent and this thing make the game Best multiplayer game and Best mobile game online and this game is also recommended by play tore when you open it and this thing makes it best mobile games for android.

    Shadow fight 2

    Shadow fight 2 is an amazing best mobile game offline and this game has great story mode, graphics and its control is awesome because this type of offline games do not have this features which this game has and that is why it is one of the most popular offline game on mobile. This game has different levels, enemies, weapons and great story. In this game you have lots of weapons and abilities and as you increase your levels and defeat enemies your more abilities and weapons unlocks and at last when you defeat the last enemy the games over and you can start again also otherwise you can play daily challenges also.

    Gameplay, story, graphics, controls and all

    The game has different enemies to defeat and as you defeat enemies the levels becomes harder and harder and the story, graphics and controls are outstanding of this game and also this game is one of the best mobile games for android to play and the size of the game is also not too much but the experience is too much good.
    The game has different weapons and abilities and as you defeat more enemies and complete more levels and as your weapons and abilities unlocks and this is an Best mobile games strategy.

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    Minecraft is totally open world game and best mobile open world game in which you can do anything which you want like making houses any thing which is in real life and which is your imagination and this game also increases children's power of imagination and thinking this best mobile game and best game for children is developed by Mojang studios for PC and consoles but as the mobile users starts increasing and when many great smartphones starts manufacturing then this game was also published on mobile so that anyone can play this anywhere and also who do not have PC and console.

    Gameplay, graphics, controls and all

    This game do not have high graphics because in this game you have to make everything with blocks and each and everything in this game is in polygon shape and with many materials you have to make different tools, houses and anything which you can imagine and anything in real life you can create in this game.

    And when you becomes strong, when you xp increases and when you have premium and powerful things to defense and attack then you can fight with ender dragon and when you defeat him then you become as a king or god in the game in front of villagers and all creatures and this things attracts me to best mobile game for android and Best open world game.

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