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Best Game Engines

There are many best game engines for indie developer and also best game engines for beginners but as team or company and all these game engines are very well in developing indie games and triple A games also many of the famous games are created on these engines and some of them are indie games and developed by a single person and those games till now is very popular and till they are in much profit.

Game development takes time to develop even a 2D game also takes time if you are alone also or in a team, Many of the game engines listed below are in which you can develop high graphics 3D indie games without coding and earn much profit from it.

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    Best game engines for beginners

    There are many Best Game Engines for beginners and Best game engines for indie developers also but the thing is that if you make a game alone then you should try to make simple games, 2D games, Puzzle games like Candy crush etc. and do not try to make games like high end games like Call of Duty because it involves many Developers, Coders, Game designers etc. to make a game like that and if you are a student and want to try to create games then 2D and puzzle games are best for you because it do not involves to much of persons of teams and you can easily create it as indie developer and earn through it.

    The Game engine through which you can start learning or creating small games for free and turn your passion in to profit are:

    Best Game Engines

    1- Unity Game Engine

    This is the game engine to start learning game development or creating small games and monetize it earn money online from it and one of the Best game engine for beginners and best game engines for indie developers.

    Unity Game engine is totally free and if you are a indie developer but if you have to start a company or with a team you need to use subscription version to be safe from copyright issues and other issues which can spoil your efforts and all things but if you are indie developer then unity provides you free option with monetization.

    Games Made in unity Engine - FreeFire etc.

    2- CryEngine 3 

    CryEngine 3 is also a free software to create games on it and it supports both Android and IOS devices to make games on that and monetize it but its difficult to make games on this software because it supports coding and if you know C# or C++ any one of the language then you can easily create great games with this engine.

    This engine allows you monetization but not like if you create games on this engine and if you monetize it then they will cut some commission rate on the total revenue which you generate through Ads monetization.

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    3- C4 Engine

    This is also free engine to create games and also supports both coding and non-coding games creation means you can create games without coding also but if you know coding language then you can make it very well game which you cannot do without coding.

    This game engine also allows monetization for you if you are individual or indie developer then you just have to give some commission rate to the engine and it will done automatically and after you can easily earn through this with every way to earn from this.

    Best Game Engines

    4- Unreal Engine 

    This is the one of the best engine to create games as a indie developer and this engine allows you both coding creation and without coding creation means in this game engine you can create games without coding also and with coding also and you can create games like coding games without coding.

    Means you can create games without coding which people creates with coding and this engine supports many devices like Android, IOS, PC, PlayStation, Xbox etc. to create amazing games and monetize it very easily.

    This game engine start taking commission from your game after you ave completed 3000$ from Ad revenue and after it takes 5% commission on you Ad revenue but if you purchases it subscription then it will not take and kind of commission.

    Games made in Unreal Engine - PUBG MOBILE, Fortnite etc.

    These are the Best game engines for beginners and Best game engines for indie developers and with easy monetization with these engines you can achieve profit with your passion, experience and much more which makes you a complete game developer.

    Best game engine for indie developers

    Best game engines for indie developer are the same which is listed just above for the beginners and the two game engines Unity game engine and Unreal engine are also used mostly for high-end games and not only for mobile games and this engines are best for you and if you choose any of the game engine permanent and only use that game engine then you can be expert in that game engine and after you can make more big games which you want form it.

    Best game engines for free 

    All the game engines listed in the above section of Best game engines for beginners are totally free of cost and with monetization but all of them cut commission rate from your Ad revenue but Unity game engine do not take any commission rate from your any monetization way or Ad revenue from your games.

    If you are indie or individual developer then you can easily use all the game engines in the above section of Best game engines for beginners but if you run a company or with a team then you have to take subscription of these engines otherwise then can harm your ownership or any other thing with your games so, if you are working with team the take subscription from them to be secure from any cause.

    Best game engines without coding

    Unreal engine and Unity engine are the best game engines without coding and you can create amazing games from this game engines and monetize it in all the way and big companies like GARENA, PUBG Corporation also use these game engines to create games.

    So, these are the best game engines for you to make games without coding and if you are a beginner and wants to make without coding then try these game engines free versions to understand their software interface and after you can take subscription also when you earn good revenue from your game.

    Best game engines for android and IOS

    All the game engines supports Android and IOS with monetization and supports high end games rendering for mobile games and if you wants to create mobile games then you can try any one of the game engines which you like, which suits you and whose interface you can easily understand and do not see that this game engine is  best or this just see which game engine suits you and your need s and in which you are comfortable and that engine will be Best game engine for Android and IOS for you.


    Best Game engines for beginners and all the game engines listed above are based on my personal experience and i also use these game engines to create my game and for Clint projects and all the game engines above are Best game engines for Android and IOS devices, Best game engines for indie developers and Best game engines for beginners.

    From this game engines you can start from basic to very very advance level up to PC, PlayStation and Xbox to publish your game on this devices and be a professional game developer and the game engines listed above are used for these devices also especially Unreal engine.

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