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There are many ways to earn money online from Gaming but it matters that you are doing for gaming contents and E-sports or just for par time or from games or organisation which provides real money by playing game.


How to Earn Money Online from Gaming
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    How to Earn Money Online from Gaming

    'How to earn money online from Gaming' and every one wants that they could earn from gaming or they wants to become a serious gamer and wanted to participate in E-sports events of games and Most of people wants to Earn Paytm cash, PayPal, Google pay cash through games and they do not wants invest and earn through that and wants to withdraw little amount through that.


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    Ways to Earn Money Online from Gaming

    Now coming on the topic that in how many was we can earn through games but if you are serious gamer then read it till end.

    There are many Apps, Games and Online Games which gives you money to play games and they have minimum withdraw normally 10$ but it is very hard to withdraw because it takes 2 to 3 months of time if you play regularly and they show so much of Ads and earn much more than they give.


    ways to earn money online from serious Gaming are:


    How to Earn Money Online from Gaming
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    1 - YouTube Gaming

    if you are serious Gamer and wants to  make courier in Gaming then YouTube  is best platform for you to show your talent and there are many ways through which you can earn through YouTube Gaming and many gamers are also earning through it.

    There are many ways through which you can earn earn through YouTube Gaming are


    (1) Ads

    (2) Affiliate Marketing

    (3) Merchandise

    (4) Sponsorship

    (5) Live  streams Super chat


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    2 - Facebook Gaming

     Facebook is also growing day by day in terms of Gaming and even they have instant games feature in which  you can upload your game.

    If you are gamer and wants more audience at less time then you can switch to Facebook  because in Facebook you can say someone to follow you if he is unknown also by online but in YouTube you can not.

    There are same ways to earn Money Online from Facebook Gaming as YouTube but you there are so many Facebook Ads criteria which is hard but Facebook Gaming is also a good  feature and recently Mixer has mix with Facebook.


    How to Earn Money Online from Gaming
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    Earn money online by playing games without investment 

    This is for who just wants to earn little money from game  without investment and those apps and other games are:


    1 - Swagbucks

    In this you get tasks and after completing tasks you get rewards and tasks are very easy like searching of products, playing games and etc.


    2 - Pogo

    In this website in starting 4 to 5 days you have to watch ads and earn coin and after you have to play many games through that coins and earn real money and every day there is a lucky winner who earn 10,000$ and if you also play very well then you can also earn huge amount through it.


    3 - Paid Game player

    In this website you just have to register with your account and you get more than 600 addictive games there and through which you can earn money online but your age must be at least 18 years. They have many categories of games like Arcade games, Puzzle games, Casino Games etc.


    4 - Clip 2 Play

    In this website there are many tournaments of games held by them daily and at the end of the tournament 50 winners are selected to reward them from different 50 games and they are rewarded huge money but the games are also very hard. All the games in the website are Flash games, it means you have to Install Adobe flash player in your device to play these tournaments and games.

    5 - MPL (Mobile Premier League)

    This is the best platform to earn money from gaming without investment and this is an mobile app. There are many tournaments held every day and people daily wins more than 1000$ and big prizes like iPhone, Bike etc. and its totally free.


    You just have to download in your Smartphone then sing up and start playing games and to participate in tournaments and games matches you need MPL token and you can purchase it also and otherwise when you sign up first time you get some token and when you open the app first time in a day then there is spin wheel for tokens and more prizes in it and you can get prizes also through spin wheel. 

    There are many high games to play like WCC cricket, Free Fire etc.


    How to Earn Money Online from Gaming
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    The conclusion of How to Earn Money Online from Gaming and Ways to Earn money online from gaming and all things that how can you make money through gaming is listed above and in future gaming is very potential at every places in the world and has lots of scope but if you do serious Gaming for content of your audience or E-sports tournaments.

    if you want to earn through games that ways are listed above and you can also try any of the way to earn money through it and all the ways are legal and from trusted sources and best for you to earn money by participating in those websites and community to earn through it but it is not permanent or lifetime.

    If you do Gaming for E-sports and content creating then you can earn billion of dollars and recently Pubg Mobile will give 2 billion$ price pool for E-sports participants and in same way many companies also organize many tournaments and you can be a Gamer, E-sports athlete and earn in very Huge amount and create your courier in it.

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