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By Affiliate Marketing we can Earn money online and there is no limit in Affiliate Marketing to earn and Earn money online. if you wants to learn that what is Affiliate Marketing and how to do and what we should do to increase our earning by Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing - Earn Money Online

    Affiliate Marketing - Earn Money Online

    There are many people which are proof that there is lots of scope in Affiliate Marketing and also because of Covid-19 pandemic everyone wants to buy things online and we can take advantage of that but there are some criteria which you have to full fill to Earn money online from Affiliate Marketing.


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    What is Affiliate Marketing

    In Affiliate Marketing you have to promote products in different ways as mentioned below in the topic and if someone purchase it from your link then you get commission on it.

    Different types of products have different commission rates and it is also depend on the seller of the product that how much they have to give commission or do not give commission.


    Affiliate Marketing - Earn Money Online

    How to Start Affiliate Marketing

    We need some place or a media through which we can promote products and for that best thing is Blog or Website, yes by blog you can easily promote the products to million of people at a time.

    By YouTube channel you can create video but in video you have to show that product and it means you have to purchase it but big YouTuber do not purchase they take product from the company and then they return to company or they keep it or do giveaway of it as company says and even company also pay them for it,

    But in blog you do not have to make video but if you do both the thing then you can embed the YouTube video in Blog post to make it more engaging.


    Affiliate Marketing Websites and Programs

    Around every online shopping companies have their Affiliate services and they start this to promote their products to people by Marketers and they both can earn from it.

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    There are many Affiliate Services but some famous are listed below-

    1 - Amazon Associaltes

    2 - FlipKart Affiliate

    3 - ShareAsale Affiliates

    4 - Solvid Affiliates

    5 - ebay Partners

    6 - Shopify Affiliate Programs

    7 - Click Bang

    8 - StudioPress Affiliate Website

    9 - Bluehost Affiliate Program

    10 - Convertkit Affiliate Program


    These are some most famous Affiliate Marketing Websites and programs and they provide easy payments, high commision and good customer service and that is why they are most trusted and famous.


    Affiliate Marketing - Earn Money Online
    Imge by YouTube by Saurabh Bhatnagar

    Successful Affiliate Marketer

    In India there are many Affiliate Marketers and most famous of them is Saurabh Bhatnagar and he is very successful in this field even he has earned more then 2 crore INR in a week which is uploaded on a YouTube Channel named Hi-mesh Madan.

    Saurabh Bhatnagar also has taught how to do Affiliate Marketing and he has uploaded it on his YouTube channel and if you want to see it then it is just given below.

    Affiliate Marketing - Earn Money Online
    Photo by Ann H from Pexels


    Day by day Affiliate marketing is increasing and this is the chance for you to step into it as part time and start earning from it.

    but do not think that you will start doing earning in 1 week or less than, it will take time to start earning but for that you have to work hard on it and i am sure if you will give your time to Affiliate Marketing then you can also be a successful Affiliate Marketer like Saurabh Bhatnagar.

    At last do it in your way as you want but as always do not cheat or do not do anything to increase your income and which violates the policies.

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